Friday, 8 April 2016

What Does Virkon S Powder Look Like?

Virkon S, the disinfectant used in farming and other industries to keep disease and viruses at bay. It's also used a lot with Pigeons. And it works wonders on preventing and healing lots of Pigeon illnesses. To cure your curious mind I wanted to show you what it looked like in Powder form because some people want to see what the are buying before they purchase. You'll have to excuse the music in the video, I think the uploader is something of an eccentric!

The video shows what it looks like (Pink powder) and also shows how to mix it and feed it (mixed with water) to the Pigeons. The dosage should be small. Don't know exactly what this stuff is? If you want to know more information about Virkon S and how much you should give to Pigeons take a look at the Virkon S post over on Pigeon Flock. In the video above the birds seem to like it!They almost drank it all up.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Balcony Pigeons Be Gone!

Despite the name of this blog - Pigeon Poison! We don't want you hurting any of our little friends. I know they can be annoying at times but there are ways to get rid of them without harming or killing them! The method in the video below uses fishing wire to create a line with a loop that helps prevent Pigeons landing in certain spaces. In the example below the guy - Tony is using it on his balcony and says it has been very effective at keeping the birds away.

This method uses the Pigeons intelligence and excellent vision against them. They have really good eyesight, and when they spot something that doesn't look right and could be dangerous most of the time they will not take the risk of landing. So they fly away! Problem solved. However, this will work for some people but it won't work for everyone. Give it a try yourself if you are at your Wit's end, it might just work for you. Tried this method? Comment below and let us know the results.